Why Referlog?

Referlog was created to scratch my own itch as a growth minded CTO.

Whenever I launch a new product, I always want to experiment with adding a referral program to incentivize my happy users to share the product with their friends.

Actually doing so, however, is easier said than done.

Existing solutions are complicated to setup, dictate specific end user flows and/or cost too much to justify an experiment. Meanwhile coding it yourself is a massive bike shed that's never going to get roadmap priority. So I tend to give up.

That's why I decided to build Referlog, a bare bones referral program tool that:

  1. takes minutes to setup
  2. has a free plan
  3. lets you decide the right user flow
  4. is no code by default, API on demand

The goal is to be the tool that all startups reach to on day #1, similar to freemium legends like small.chat, hotjar.com & cal.com.

Today Referlog does the bare minimum: generate referral links and keep track of which user referred which user.
That's enough to run most of my growth experiments, but there's still a few advanced features that I plan to build:

  1. OAuth support - capture referral oauth signups with no-code, instead of via API
  2. Zapier integration - sync new users to Referlog that were not referred
  3. Fraud detection - prevents rewarding the wrong users
  4. Webhooks - unlocks automating stuff like sending rewards and adding new users
  5. Invite tree - shows a hierarchical invite tree for every user

Contact hello@referlog.com if you have great ideas for what else Referlog should be able to do.